With V-Meeting, we provide you with direct contact with your personal consultant with a video call. Through this interactive online meeting, your consultant advises you on the steps you can take to make your business grow even more in the world of Internet and Digital Marketing. With this innovative service, you save time and you are in direct contact with your internet consultant!

  • Why to choose V-Meeting;

    With V-Meeting, you can make a video call with your personal consultant even from your own home to discuss &  implement your plans.

  • Access to V-Meeting

    V-Meeting has access to businesses from the online meeting rooms of FOCUS-ON GROUP. V-Meeting is the prerogative of all companies that cooperate with FOCUS-ON GROUP and can be realized through:

    • Skype
    • Zoom
    • Team Viewer
    • Any Desk
    • Google Remote Desktop
  • Interactive presentation

    Together with your personal web consultant, you can browse new products and services that appear daily on the Internet. You can solve the queries regarding the services we provide you and be trained in managing them.

They often ask us:

With the V-Meeting:

Have personal counseling advice from your personal consultant about your business needs. Analyze your service reports and learn new programs and services.

V-Meeting is a privilege for all businesses that work with FOCUS-ON GROUP without any financial burden!

Contact your V-Meeting and your personal internet consultant on a daily basis from 09:00 am – 18:00

Check if your computer has the following:

  • Internet connection
  • Camera and microphone

One of the following:

  • Skype account
  • Teamviewer in the latest version
  • AnyDesk in the latest version
  • Google Remote Desktop

You can fill out the form below with the desired day and time and within 2 hours you will receive our reply. Or you can call us at 2108920915-6.

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