Google Adwords

Targeted advertising

Our ad is targeted to the most likely customers, just when they are looking for our products or services.

Popular keywords

We choose cost-effective and relevant keywords to have a high correlation with the purpose of advertising and high score by Google.

Measurable results

Your ad will be displayed and will only be paid when users choose it. Through the Google panel we have accurate results for clicks and views.

It’s totally targeted. Google Adwords helps you reach out to your customers just as they are searching for a service or product by showing a relevant ad in either search results or websites about your services.

Payment of the ad becomes Pay Per Click (PPC). Our ad is shown to the most likely customers, just when they are looking for our products or services, and you will only pay for it when potential customers choose it on your ad. The dashboard provides detailed information about the daily budget and charges.

Your ad appears only in the areas you can serve, the days and times that are most profitable for you and the places that best interest you. In Google Adwords, you can advertise with both text ads, as well as with images, display, flash or video ads. It does not need a minimum budget. It does not require time commitment.

Everyone can run an ad campaign in Google Adwords, often losing time and money. Even if you think the campaign you run is performing, we can show you that it can do even more.

We have the knowledge and the experience to bring you the results you request directly, without losing one euro. We have a dedicated team on Google Adwords science and we manage an impressively large number of advertisers, so we know from the beginning how best your advertising will best be.

We put together goals from the start (online sales, email or phone communications, website registrations, brand awareness, etc.) and we measure exactly which words and promotional messages best implement our goals. We are in constant contact with you. Every month of our collaboration you will know exactly where your money is going, what your advertising costs are, and you will be sure that we will immediately implement any change that can work for you.

Google Adwords is the first step in starting your website to fulfill its purpose of bringing new customers to your business. However, increased traffic and continuous use of the website will bring about design or functional weaknesses that can prevent many users from turning into customers. If your site has problems and does not help you achieve your goals, we can recommend solutions and test them using the website optimizer to make sure they will improve the website. Also, along with your Google Adwords ad, it’s very helpful to improve your site’s position on organic search results from Google and other search engines through Search Engine Optimization techniques. This will not only reduce the cost of your advertising spend, but it will further expand the number of users who can find your website as other users prefer organic results and other promotions in their searches. But all of them are your potential customers and so they must be able to find you regardless of how they like to make searches.

Google AdWordsBeforeAfter
Impressions 10.87598.001
Avg. CPC 0,82 € 0,21 €

Do you want to start?

If you were asking “Why to use Google AdWords?” right now you should be asking “Why not?”

The network has something for businesses of all sizes with different budgets and different advertising goals and different target audiences — most of whom have used Google at least once in their life to find the answer to a problem.

We’re happy to let you know about Google Adwords viewing solutions that we can offer you. Fill in your details and a qualified consultant will contact you to schedule our first meeting.

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Το ανθρώπινο δυναμικό της FOCUS-ON GROUP αποτελείται από ανθρώπους με εξειδικευμένη γνώση και κατάρτιση και με δραστηριοποίηση σε διαφορετικούς κλάδους και τομείς. Βασική επιδίωξη μας είναι να λειτουργούμε με αίσθημα ευθύνης και συνέπειας απέναντι στους ανθρώπους μας και να παραμένουμε η πρώτη τους επιλογή σε όλη τη διάρκεια της επαγγελματικής τους πορείας. Στεκόμαστε δίπλα τους και υποστηρίζουμε με πράξεις την επαγγελματική τους ανέλιξη.


Αναζητούμε διαρκώς ικανούς και δημιουργικούς ανθρώπους σε διάφορους τομείς όπως:


  • Mobile App Developers (IOS, ANDROID)
  • Programmers (PHP, MYSQL, JQUERY)
  • Social Media Marketing Experts
  • Σύμβουλοι διαδικτύου

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